thank you, little ball of white yarn

it seems that all of my various pursuits overlap and affect one another. today it was a runaway ball of yarn that caused me to pull my camera out…

 it was a gorgeous day today. 

i usually stay at work late because it’s almost the only chance i have to see everyone.  they’re usually coming as i’m going.

but today, the clock hit 4:00, and i was out of there.  i wanted to enjoy a little bit of the warm california sun.  i had a rubio’s coupon that was going to expire.  so i grabbed some dinner and went to the park.

i ate.  (shrimp burrito.  yum.)   i crocheted.  (baskets? bowls?  i haven’t decided what to call them…)   i read.  (“hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”…  love it!   haven’t read it in forever.) 

it was getting dark, so i packed up to leave.  as i walked to the car, i looked back to make sure i hadn’t left anything at the table.  i hadn’t.  but somehow a ball of white yarn had fallen out of my bag and left a trail hansel-and-gretel-like from a nearby tree to me.

as i wound the yarn back up, picking bits of leaf and grass from it, i realized that the sun was setting and the sky was gorgeous.  so i pulled out my new camera and tried to take some photos that made me feel like i deserved to own it. 

i don’t think i quite achieved that…  but i did finally use my telephoto lens and managed to get closer to some flowers high up in a tree.


and while the freeway and street lights messed up most of my sunset/sky photos, i did have a few that i liked.  this one used the sepia filter…

while not fantastic…  i do like them and i did get to play a little more with my camera.  i need to know how to work the thing before vacation!

thank you, little ball of white yarn.


my mob dress

no.  i haven’t joined the mafia, silly!  mob = mother-of-the-bride  (ha-ha.  yeah, i know.  dumb joke.)

so, here’s where i am so far in getting myself ready for this grand occasion…

after much searching, i finally found a dressmaker who seemed like she would understand me. 

her models are plus-sized so i can see what the dresses actually look like on someone like me.  (as opposed to looking at a size 4 and guessing…) 

also, it’s very important that the person making the dress understand the fitting needs of a plus-sized body.  there’s sometimes a tendancy when sizing up a dress to size up everything.  but, you know, i don’t have linebacker shoulders just because other parts of me are bigger…

here’s a link to lucy’s etsy shop so you can see her stuff.  and here’s the dress i originally fell in love with.  mine will be similar to this.  but without the skulls, darn it.

i sent her my measurements so she could start making adjustments to her master pattern.  (if you’ve never taken your full measurements, i don’t recommend it.  that much reality is never fun.)

after much searching, i found the fabric for the dress.  we knew what we wanted.  they just didn’t have enough at most of the stores.  (obviously a very popular fabric.  i just found a yard or two here and there…)  after a day-long odessey touring most of the jo-ann stores in orange county, i finally found it in buena park. 

i mailed lucy the fabric last week.  (she’s in washington state.)  she just sent me a couple pictures of possible lining fabrics, which i forwarded to finley.  since it’s her wedding, i figure she should have some say in the matter…  i have my favorite.  but what do you think?  (the brown is the dress fabric.  the other will be the lining of the jacket and the trim at the hem and neckline of the dress.)

i bought everything i need to make a crinoline for under the dress.  i can’t really start on it until i have the dress though since i need to make sure of the final length. 

i have my shoes.  i kind of have a purse.  but if i can find something else, that would be good.  i’d like my purse to be something other than brown.

i think that’s it.  for me anyway.  i still have stuff to make for finley.  the actual bride…  (yay!  my baby’s a bride!)

whose idea was this anyway?

well…  now i’ve done it.  i’ve started a blog.  i suppose at the time i thought i’d have some sort of deep thoughts to share.  of course, now, i seem to have nothing to say.   (a very unusual condition…)

i decided on the broad category of “craft” blog.  but what does that mean?

do i want to talk about my current projects?  cool projects other people have done?  my etsy site?  do i want to post how-tos to share my vast crafting wisdom and knowledge?  (yes, that’s sarcasm.  you should probably get used to that sooner rather than later…)  how about the perception that if a woman pursues a traditionally female craft, it’s some kind of throw-back hobby that’s somehow setting women back 100 years; but if a man pursues a traditionally male craft, he’s an artist who’s bringing the past alive?  (probably shouldn’t go there, huh?)

i’ll probably talk about all of that.  and knowing me, i’ll talk about more than crafty stuff.

i tend to write in a conversational tone.  so if you know me from “real life,” and know how crazy i get on grammar and spelling, this will be a little different.

i’ll probably be posting some pictures of works in progress as well as completed projects pretty soon.  i ordered a light tent that should be here some time this week. then i can take some decent pictures.

thanks for stopping by.  let me know what you’d like to see.