about me

i have been a “crafty girl” since…  well, birth, i think. 

as i was growing up, my mother drew, painted, crocheted, and did needlework of all kinds.   and she always encouraged my brother and me in everything we did.

i’ve always done a little bit of everything.  i don’t think there’s a crafty activity i haven’t tried at least once.

the constants have been sewing and crocheting.  those are my “comfort” crafts.  but i also crave variety, so i intersperse it with knitting, embroidery, papercrafts, beading.  if it can be done with my two hands, i’m up for the challenge.


2 thoughts on “about me

    • sadly, it is not original. i didn’t steal it. but i’m not the first one to think of it either – as evidenced by the google search i did after i had finished getting everything set up. though none of the other “craft lane” sites used the next line of the lyrics.

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