i confess…

okay.  right here, right now.  i’ll confess to you all.  i love harry potter.  this is perhaps not quite normal for a woman of my advanced years…  but i’ve chosen to embrace it rather than deny it.

the last harry potter movie is coming out on friday.  i’m so excited about this that whenever a commercial comes on the tv, everything stops and my heart gets a little fluttery.

but on the other hand, the thought of no more harry fills me with dread…  what will i do after friday?  will my life lack meaning?  what will there be to look forward to?  what do non-potterites do for fun?

but i don’t have to think about that yet…

we had a wonderful harry potter viewing party last night.  i had such a great time making things for the party, i had to share…

first…  the candy!  bertie bott’s every flavour beans, peppermint toads, and liquorice wands. 


the bertie bott’s are, of course, jelly bellys.  i found a picture of a bertie bott’s box and printed the image on cardstock for the tags.

i used a candy mold to make the toads.  they weren’t as “pretty” as i would have liked – not quite finished off.  but i coated the back with tons of sugar, so they tasted really good.  i used green candy melts with peppermint extract.  (they said not to use alcohol-based extract, but that’s all i could find.  it hardens the candy faster than usual, so i just had to work fast.)

the liquorice wands are twizzlers.  the black ones were coated in purple with black sugar and the red ones were coated in chocolate with rainbow sprinkles.

pewter standard size #2 cauldrons


these were crocheted over the course of several weeks.  i used double-stranded red heart super saver yarn in grey heather.  the handles are braided pipe cleaners.  or “fuzzy sticks” as they are now called.  they were a little small…  the liquorice wands kept falling out.  but they looked really cute on the table all lined up.

all aboard the hogwart’s express!

super easy…  craft foam glued to foam core – clipped to the blinds at the top of the stairs.

to make the numbers, use word art in word.  flip them so they print backwards.  tape them to the back of your foam.  (if you have some scrapbook adhesives, you can glue the paper to the back.  but tape works pretty well.)  i prefer to use a craft knife to cut them, but my blade was really dull.  so i had to use scissors for parts of it.  but it seemed to do the job.

gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff, or slytherin?


once i embraced the fact that the sorting hat is supposed to look beat up, this project was much easier.  my ocd kept wanting to smooth things out.

i used a bowl as a base, some cardstock to make a cone, brown paper, and lots of masking tape.

sweet stuff from some ravenclaws


megan brought an awesome treacle tart.  it was all oatmeal-y and sugary and so, so delicious!

from steffanie…  cutest.  cupcakes.  ever.

i want to thank janett, heidi, monique, michelle, katherine, christina, megan, steffanie, and angela for a great time!


5 thoughts on “i confess…

  1. You outdid yourself! What clever things you came up with. I’ll bet it was a blast!

    I have to admit, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, too. My son started reading the books when he was 11 (24 now) and I read them after him. At first he would ask me how to pronounce a few of the names or words so I got interested. Then the movie came out and I’ve been hooked ever since. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! One so glad you blogged! Second, my cupcakes look so sad compared to your magnificent goodies… I hope to be that good one day. But thank you for the boost in my confidence! lol. I had soo much fun. Thanks so much for doing it and putting so much thought into every detail. I really loved the details and they did not go unnoticed!!

    And plus it was just soo great to see you! Miss you and that house so much!

    • it was wonderful to see you! you were so cute at the sorting.

      and your cupcakes made me so happy! i loved the little harrys with with their little sprinkle hair.

      we’re doing movie/potluck night once a month. you’re always welcome!

  3. I’m in my early 40″s and I feel the same way about Harry Potter. Every time I see the preview I want to cry. I’m so glad I’m not alone. Your party goodies are so awesome! Great job.

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