my artfire studio… slowly, but surely…

just wanted to update everyone on the studio progress…

i got photos taken for four items last night.  (yes, only four.  this is going to be a long process.)  i definitely still need to fiddle with the settings on my camera.  and i need a light for the top of the light box.  they’re still too dark.   but these are a definite improvement over the pictures i used to take. 

thanks to finley’s recommendation, i have been using for my editing.  i’m using the basic version right now.  but i’m pretty sure i’m going to upgrade at some point. 

it occurred to me after i was done that i could have taken pictures of the bottoms of the baskets…  do you think that’s necessary?  if you were in the market for a set of lovely crocheted baskets, would you want to see their bottoms first?

i’ve ordered new business cards with my new logo and web address from  i was going to order from another site, but i was sucked in by all the free stuff from vista.  not only did i order business cards, i ordered magnets, a banner, a car magnet, and post cards.  i edited my logo in proportion to the items.  so i did have to pay for the download (and shipping, of course).  i don’t need most of my “free” items.  yet.  but this way, i could pay for the cheap shipping since i’m not in a hurry for any of them.

from, i ordered boxes to package the baskets and washcloth sets.  i also ordered some shipping boxes.  there are still a few things i need for packaging and shipping, but i wasn’t prepared to spend the money yet.  (plus, i’m not sure where i’d put 10 pounds of tissue paper right now…)

so at this point, i’ve spent time and money getting ready to sell.  but haven’t actually posted anything.  so i guess that’s the final step.  and then the money will just start rolling in, right?  (yes, i’m kidding…)

if you get a chance, head over to the currently empty studio…  let me know if you see anything that could use improvement – the policies, bio, etc. 

june 1 and the “grand opening” will be here soon.  i’ve already decided to reward myself for all my hard work with a new game (that i don’t need).  😛


One thought on “my artfire studio… slowly, but surely…

  1. Yay! (And apologies again for the delay in getting here sooner.)

    Since we talked yesterday about all of this great stuff you’ve been doing to get ready for your Grand Opening on June 1, I have no further comments to make here…except to say: I’m delighted to see that you’ve made such giant steps forward to make this happen…needless to say, I wish you HUGE success!

    PS: No, I don’t think it’s necessary for you to take pictures of the bottoms of the baskets, too. The photo you have posted shows the inside of one of them (which, in all actuality, is a visual of the top of the bottom, yes?).

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