made it to georgia! plus… new banner, avatar, business cards, the whole kit n kaboodle

with getting ready to head to georgia, i haven’t had much time to blog.  so, let’s catch up…

i left early thursday morning, april 7.  i arrived in texas to visit some friends that i hadn’t seen in too, too long on the evening of friday, april 8.  (hi, nickels!  i love you and i’ll be back soon!)  i arrived in georgia on the morning of sunday, april 10. 

apparently, this is very fast for someone driving across the country alone.  that’s what i’ve been told anyway.

but i made it safe and sound.  what is it they say?  the Lord looks out for little children and fools?  i’m not a little child, so that leaves fool…  i suppose i should have stopped to rest more often.  oh well, next time…  really, really wanted to get out here to see my girl.

i should be posting pictures this week.  i think i got some good ones with my spiffy new camera.

yesterday was mostly just relaxing.  i could have slept all day i think.  but that would have been problematic come bedtime.

today, finley had some plans.  so i spent the day playing in my studio

 i had uploaded my old banner and avatar on my new studio site.  and they looked, ummm….  how to describe it… hideous. 

so my day was spent making new avatars and banners for facebook, artfire, twitter and wordpress.  this, of course, meant that i had to redo my business cards.  (which i’m not going to order until my facebook page is done, so i can put all the urls on them.)

if you’re my friend on facebook, be expecting an invitation to “like” my facebook page.  and, at some point, an invitation to follow me on twitter.  (i know there’s only so much of me you can handle…  but we do live in the era of social media, so it must be done!)

i think i’m still on california time.  it’s 2:00 a.m. in georgia.  but i’m up and blogging instead of sleeping. 

we do have some projects this week though.  we’ll be working on all sorts of fun wedding-y stuff!  so i must be off.


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