making a change

i’ve been planning for a while to get my etsy shop filled up.  but something always seems to get in the way.  my plan was to make a big push after the wedding.

instead, i’ll be closing up on etsy and moving to artfire. 

etsy has never been super responsive to input from sellers (their customers).  and they’re going more and more toward a social networking model.  i love the interaction with other sellers.  but, come on, we’re all there to sell what we’ve worked so hard to make.  too many of etsy’s new “tools” serve to pull people away from shops and buyers end up getting spammed when etsy gets ahold of their contact info…

so, i’m gearing up to get things going on artfire. 

i’ve bought a new camera and a light tent to take better pictures.  i’m upgrading my internet and adding some oomph to my computer.  (have to make it last as long as possible before buying a new one…)

i’m in the midst of organizing everything i’ve made so i can get a decent number of listings on there fairly quickly.  i’m going to start on the item descriptions so i can copy and paste when the time comes.

i ordered the shipping kit from the post office so i can figure out the best box sizes for my items.  and from there, i can determine how much to charge for shipping.

and, of course, i have to take pictures.  lots and lots of pictures.  this will probably be the most time-consuming part.  and i’m not looking forward to it.  i would imagine it will fun at first.  but i can post eight photos of each item on artfire.  so i’ll probably end up taking twice that of each item.  sigh…

oh, and i have to figure out prices for everything.  realistic prices.  i’m really bad at that part.  but i’ve been doing my research.  so i think i’ll have a decent handle on it when the time comes.

anything i’ve forgotten? 

packaging and labels!  see…  i knew i forgot something.

anything else?


2 thoughts on “making a change

  1. I find taking pictures the hardest part! I can’t seem to get good ones and maybe a light tent is the answer. Where did you get yours and what kind is it?

    • hi kris!

      i got my tent on amazon. i just checked and didn’t see the one i have on there. it was a close-out with tons of extras. but they have a lot of different ones for reasonable prices. you can get kits that have the backgrounds, lights, and tripod. a lot even have carrying cases.

      my pictures still aren’t perfect. but they’re a huge improvement over what i used to have. 😀 i’m still tweaking the lights and the settings on the camera.

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