thank you, little ball of white yarn

it seems that all of my various pursuits overlap and affect one another. today it was a runaway ball of yarn that caused me to pull my camera out…

 it was a gorgeous day today. 

i usually stay at work late because it’s almost the only chance i have to see everyone.  they’re usually coming as i’m going.

but today, the clock hit 4:00, and i was out of there.  i wanted to enjoy a little bit of the warm california sun.  i had a rubio’s coupon that was going to expire.  so i grabbed some dinner and went to the park.

i ate.  (shrimp burrito.  yum.)   i crocheted.  (baskets? bowls?  i haven’t decided what to call them…)   i read.  (“hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”…  love it!   haven’t read it in forever.) 

it was getting dark, so i packed up to leave.  as i walked to the car, i looked back to make sure i hadn’t left anything at the table.  i hadn’t.  but somehow a ball of white yarn had fallen out of my bag and left a trail hansel-and-gretel-like from a nearby tree to me.

as i wound the yarn back up, picking bits of leaf and grass from it, i realized that the sun was setting and the sky was gorgeous.  so i pulled out my new camera and tried to take some photos that made me feel like i deserved to own it. 

i don’t think i quite achieved that…  but i did finally use my telephoto lens and managed to get closer to some flowers high up in a tree.


and while the freeway and street lights messed up most of my sunset/sky photos, i did have a few that i liked.  this one used the sepia filter…

while not fantastic…  i do like them and i did get to play a little more with my camera.  i need to know how to work the thing before vacation!

thank you, little ball of white yarn.


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