whose idea was this anyway?

well…  now i’ve done it.  i’ve started a blog.  i suppose at the time i thought i’d have some sort of deep thoughts to share.  of course, now, i seem to have nothing to say.   (a very unusual condition…)

i decided on the broad category of “craft” blog.  but what does that mean?

do i want to talk about my current projects?  cool projects other people have done?  my etsy site?  do i want to post how-tos to share my vast crafting wisdom and knowledge?  (yes, that’s sarcasm.  you should probably get used to that sooner rather than later…)  how about the perception that if a woman pursues a traditionally female craft, it’s some kind of throw-back hobby that’s somehow setting women back 100 years; but if a man pursues a traditionally male craft, he’s an artist who’s bringing the past alive?  (probably shouldn’t go there, huh?)

i’ll probably talk about all of that.  and knowing me, i’ll talk about more than crafty stuff.

i tend to write in a conversational tone.  so if you know me from “real life,” and know how crazy i get on grammar and spelling, this will be a little different.

i’ll probably be posting some pictures of works in progress as well as completed projects pretty soon.  i ordered a light tent that should be here some time this week. then i can take some decent pictures.

thanks for stopping by.  let me know what you’d like to see.


4 thoughts on “whose idea was this anyway?

  1. i love that you are doing this!! can you keep us posted on your mob dress and other wedding goodies are coming along as well? xxxooodiane

  2. I know it’s been a while since you were in school, but what happened to capitalization? 🙂

    • it’s part of my artsy persona… don’t i seem so very cutting edge by throwing off the conventions of traditional punctuation that have held us all down for so long?

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